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Indexes and Tools

Every now and again I will take some time to transcribe an index or set of records (sometimes I even get volunteers to help me out too!) and then make them available for people to access to help with their research. You'll find the different sets of data below. 

State Ward Index 


This project is currently in progress and at present has over 7,800 names of children who were made wards of the state between 1911 and 1922. There are over 30 registers still to be digitised at PROV to continue this project. This will be updated periodically during 2022.

Victorian Pupil 

Register Database

This index contains over 113,000 names of pupils who attended Victorian primary schools over the past 150 years. It currently contains data from over 245 schools across the state.

If you find a name listed in the index, contact me about obtaining a copy of the full digitised pupil register.

Register of Licensed Shorthand Writers 1891-1975

This database lets you search the 906 names of individuals who were licensed to record evidence heard during Supreme Court trials.

Shorthand writers were officers of Court while in performance of duty in taking down and transcribing evidence.

Index to Employee Register 

(Ports & Harbours) 1892-1921

This lets you search the index of the Employee Register for the Ports and Harbours Branch. The index provides the page number where the entire staff record is shown in the physical record at PROV. This is Part 1, Part 2 covers 1922-1944 - and I'll have that done soon.

Beechworth Asylum Staff Register 1867-1966

This database contains over 6,000 names of individuals who were employed at the Beechworth Asylum between 1867 when the asylum opened and 1966. Search by name and then access the DIGITAL IMAGE to view their full record - which includes their date of birth and various remarks, transfers, termination, etc.

State Ward Registers


This database uses information from the indexed State Ward records on the PROV website but displays the data in a different way to allow for more interesting browsing of location and cause of commitment data.

Victorian Schools Map

I've created this map based on information from VPRS 795 (Building Files) which I've extracted from the PROV website. It allows you to see the location (with varying degrees of accuracy) of 2,500 odd schools in Victoria. 

Register of Juvenile Offenders 1893-1925

This database contains approximately 3,000 names of children deemed 'juvenile offenders' between 1893-1925, taken from VPRS 545. This was compiled by volunteers from the Archival Access Facebook page in 2020.

Queenscliff Building Permits 

1960 - 1989

This map lets you search for building permits from the Borough of Queenscliff between 1960 and 1989. Taken from VPRS 17038. Search by keyword (name, street etc) or by browsing the map for a location of interest. Original records can be ordered and viewed at PROV.

Victorian Divorce Index


This is a transcription of the Index to Divorce Cause Books (VPRS 5335/P4/3). Since this was done, digitised divorce files are available on Ancestry up to 1940, but this is still useful for finding records for 1941-1942. This was compiled by volunteers from the Archival Access Facebook page in 2020. 

Kiewa Petty Sessions


A court of petty sessions operated at Kiewa between 1891 and 1893. Only 78 cases were heard in total before the court was closed. This is a full transcription of the Kiewa Court of Petty Sessions Register (VPRS 8557). This includes 11 cases heard at Yackandandah in 1903/04, presumably making use of a fairly empty court register!

GeoCoded Inquest Cases


This is a small project I've been tinkering with using inquests files where the exact location of the death is known. For inquests where this can be determined, I've plotted the details on a map of Victoria. Adding another dimension to these files. 

NOTE: If you know of any cases where exact locations are known, I'd be happy to hear about them and include them in this data set.